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The genocide of the Faily Kurds was a brutal and devastating attack, the successive Iraqi regimes carried out actions against the Failis in several stages, culminating in the Ba’ath regime’s brutality in which hundreds of thousands of Failis were displaced, thousands went missing and many cities and towns were destroyed, it was the only raid that took place in the cities of Iraq and witnessed by the Iraqi cultural, civil, academic and political centers, the entire Iraqi elite was closely aware of the raid, in fact this brutal attack exposes Iraq’s extremism and chauvinism.

After the fall of the Ba’ath regime, the Iraqi authorities have prevented the victims of the Faily Kurdish genocide from being paid their rights, until this day, the details of this inhuman attack remain a mystery, thousands of people are missing and their fate remains unknown, tens of thousands are still living in Iran and other countries, and they have not received their citizenship rights, their properties are still confiscated and their property issues have not been resolved. The measures that were taken by the institutions were not successful in healing even a small part of the suffering of the Faily Kurds and in revealing the truth, the secrets, the dimensions and the aspects concerning this crime.

This international conference sheds light on the different aspects of this brutal raid, academics and thinkers exchange their opinions in order to find a solution for the victims and formulating perspectives to prevent these crimes from happening again.

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