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Genocide is the biggest crime that can be done against nations, a large number of these offences have been recorded as a black spot in history, they can never be forgotten and even time cannot heal the wounds because it is done in an inhuman way and those who are responsible are racists, chauvinists, and hold wrong ideals. World development has not yet become an obstacle in the way of committing genocide because these crimes have been repeated many times. Up until now the risks of it happening again has been felt in different parts of the world.

Since the beginning of the Iraqi state establishment the oppressed nation of Kurdistan has faced occupation, hostility, chauvinism, and racism, over many decades this estate with different regimes has carried out several acts of genocide against Kurdistan that have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, its continuous repercussion still has a negative impact on Kurdistan.

The fall of the Ba’ath regime and the establishment of the new system in 2003 in Iraq was expected to become a platform for restoring the rights of the victims of genocide, but the cases of genocide in Iraq have not been resolved yet.

The aspects of all the misdeeds that have been committed against Kurdistan nation remain hidden. Its effects and consequences still touch the hearts of the Kurds. It is, therefore, necessary to scientifically reveal the facts and manage the consequences.

In this context, this project aims to hold an international scientific conference on the crimes of genocide that have been committed against the nation of Kurdistan, in order to become a platform for solving the problems and consequences of these offences among the Kurdish people, and the idea that this nation will no longer face such crimes.

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